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yokan_fic's Journal

余寒 - Lingering Winter
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Welcome to yokan_fic, an AU fanfiction community for the anime/manga Bleach. This community began in response to Chapter 392 of the manga, when afteriwake decided she wanted to change the direction of how the story was going by creating an AU where Isshin has a "big damn heroes" moment, and then focus on the aftereffects of the Winter War. The primary focuses of this series are the Hisagi/Matsumoto pairing, the friendships between Hitsugaya and Hinamori as well as Isshin and Unohana, and the Kurosaki family as a whole. Other characters will pop up in different fics, as there are other stories that need to be told. Please enjoy the stories, watch the community if you want to read everything, and comment if there is something you enjoy!

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